Gender roles and the social context of women’s lives influence their mental health and wellbeing, making their mental health needs different from men’s, and that’s why it’s one of our priorities. 

Mental Health and Body Image

Women and girls experience higher rates of depression and anxiety, eating disorders and intentional self-harm than men. Body image concerns are a key mental health issue for women and girls impacting self-esteem and social participation.  

We publish research, produce resources for women and health professionals, and build workforce capacity to promote a gender-sensitive approach to mental health and wellbeing in order to improve mental health outcomes for women and girls. 

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One of the resources we have developed to assist with women’s body image is the Labia Library, just like any part of the body, labia come in all shapes and sizes.

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Featured Resource: Issues Paper: Serving up inequality – Women and food

Exploring various aspects of women’s health relating to food, including the impacts of nutritional deficiency, the links between nutrition and chronic disease and women’s food-related behaviours. 

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Publications and Resources

View our latest publications, submissions and resources on healthy and active living.

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